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  1. Unfortunately there is no yes or no answer. But I can give you three sentences:

    1. The leaching level permitted by the FDA may possibly be acceptable for adults, but by the FDA’s own exposure standards it is unsafe for children and pregnant women consuming more than implausibly small amounts.

    2. For non-pregnant adults, it all depends on what you mean by safe — recent science suggesting no amount is safe for anyone, or FDA standards based at least in part on the hard fact that we’re all constantly absorbing lead through air, soil, water, dust, food, work, medication, supplements, household objects, and the occasional bullet.

    3. No one knows how close to the limit slow cookers actually come; only proper testing would tell.

    Not yes or no enough, right? Okay, try this: Probably yes for non-pregnant adults, especially if not too often, probably no for children and pregnant women. But even for non-pregnant adults, why add another drop to the bucket if you can avoid it?

    Please go tell all 3,000 of your friends!

  2. Oh my, you are killing me w your 3 part crock pot thing. yes or no–are they safe to use? can you hit me w a 3 sentence response? If so I’ll promote your blog / site on my fb page w 3000 friends! LOL
    thank you

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